The Power Plant

Solar energy which provided by the sun, is the best source of energy. Because it is free and if we can use it right, we can change it to the other type energies and have lots of benefits. Solar energy has zero pollution and easy to utilization.

Clean Energy

One of the main challenges that individuals, communities, corporations and developers face is selection of the best combination of technology types and sizes of the renewable assets to maximize the economic value and increase energy security. 

The Greenhouse Effect

Nowadays with factories and Greenhouse gas emissions humans make pollution and damage the nature. Now that is changed we can use natural sources like solar and recycle them to usable energy.  In this way there is less pollution.

Our Solution

Our web based application is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning for finding the best location and equipment, it can calculate all feasibility study parameters and it has the ability to calculate the amount of cryptocurrency can be mined.

REIS Application Demo

The demo of our first version of application that is only for individual and solar type.

You can use our first version for free from below link.

Think Green, Live Green

We are proud to be one of the five finalist In the Inventur$ competition, this event held by Alberta Innovates in Calgary, Alberta, June 1-3.

One of five finalist in Inventure$ event

Our web based application leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technologies to optimally find the best location and the best combination of energy types that achieve the best economic and reliable outcome based on a client’s data. Our platform will enable clients with every level of knowledge of renewable energy sources to make optimal decisions.

REIS Future Canada vision is to increase the awareness of renewable energy sources and help individual, corporate, and governmental clients implement the most appropriate renewable energy solution based on their location and available funds.

Our mission is to support the utilization of renewable energy sources which will contribute to environmental protection by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Be more familiar with REIS Future Canada

The planet Earth has been supporting us. Now we have to return the favor.

Is been millions years’ planet Earth support us and let us to use it and make home. Now with our way of living and world population humans have to find a better way for energy resources and use energy differently. 

With recycle the energy and renewable energy we can save our planet and make a better environment for ourselves and future generations. 

With the new technology we can find where has the more source of energy and what is the best way to extraction this energy.

The perennial source that never let us down.

  • Solar Energy 
  • Wind energy 
  • Geothermal energy 
  • Hydrogen energy 
  • Tidal energy 

We Cover the Whole Spectrum

We Write about natural energy


The government of Canada is paying citizens to convert to renewable energy. Natural Resources Canada lists over 250 funds across Canada.


REIS will initially protect its IP via trade secrets and possibly pursuing patent protection in North America as appropriate


Direct sales of SAAS to individual homeowners, commercial/industrial users, asset developers and all levels of government.

Our Team

Omid Ahmadzadeh

Chief technology officer

Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Electrical engineering

More than 5 years experience in renewable energy and software development

Fazilat Ahmadzadeh

Chief Executive Officer

Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics applied in Computer and Master’s degree in Industrial engineering

More than 20 years experience in software development management

Amir Mobaleghtohid

Chief sale and marketing officer

Bachelor’s degree in Computer engineering

More than 20 years experience in production management

We are proud to have Graduated Certificate from Manitoba Technology Accelerator(MTA)

Why Choose Us?

Since we design the renewable energy intelligent solution (REIS)

  • EASY TO USEIndividual with every level of knowledge can use it
  • SAVINGS MONEYYou can use REIS platform at low cost
  • SAVING TIMEWith AI, you can access to all clean energy calculation less than 1 minute
  • HIGH ACCURACYBased on AI and machine learning, REIS application has high quality

Everyone can use clean energy.

We are collectively causing the climate change in the globe. Let us be mindful and take steps to neutralize it. Global collectivism cutting across the nations is the need of the hour. Let us save our flora and fauna, let us save ourselves by using REIS SAAS platform easily

Acceptable cost for using clean energy is your right

REIS application has affordable price and everybody can use it based on affordability and classification of system’s features. The features of system for individual, corporation and government s are different.

There is no need to pay exorbitant fees for the use of renewable experts.

Access to all renewable calculation in less than one minute

In REIS application, user can specify a few parameter and based on Artificial Intelligence, system can perform all feasibility study calculations.

Our application has the ability to calculate the amount of cryptocurrency that can be mined and can also compute the best time for saving or consumption of produced energy based on the energy price.

All these calculation can perform less than one minute

The use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and GIS layer data makes the application highly accurate

For finding the best location and best energy type and the best required equipment, we use AI, machine learning and GIS layer data and we consider all environmental, geographical, social, urban and geological parameters in our calculation that all of them are the reason for the accuracy and quality of REIS application

Solar one the best source of power

Since we design the solar at first version

Why solar energy?
Advantages of solar energy:
The cost benefit ratio:
Commercial use:
The Life expectancy:

Direct sales to individual
homeowners, commercial,
industrial users,
asset developers and
all levels of government


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