We offer special pricing for residential customers because we know how important solar power is for domestic consumption. Individuals can use our application easily and they can find out whether launching this project is profitable or not.


Since there will be huge space available in such environments, our solution for finding the best equipment and changing produced energy to cryptocurrency can be more profitable.


Avail our special pricing for educational institutions as their requirements differ from that of others. All schools and colleges can use our intelligent solution and can access to all feasibility study calculation, they can access to 20 years cashflow.


Reducing the load required from the shared network makes companies eligible to receive government subsidies, and by using our application at a very reasonable cost, they can have a proper estimate of the costs and profits resulting from the amount of energy sold to the network.


By using artificial intelligence and machine learning and checking all environmental parameters through GIS layers, we can calculate the best location and the best type of clean energy at an acceptable cost.


Small and medium industries can benefit greatly from Solar Zone, as their needs can be fully met by solar energy. Their eligibility to receive subsidies increases several times when they become self-sufficient in electricity consumption. Our application allows you to easily use this clean and unlimited energy at a reasonable cost.

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The services we offer

For millions of years, planet Earth has supported us, and has allowed us to make it our home. Now, with our way of living, the world’s population must find a different and better way to harness energy resources. By using renewable energy, we can save our planet and make a better environment for ourselves and future generations. With new technologies, we can find locations with more sources of energy, and which energy types are the cleanest at that location.

Services We provide

We offer the newest technology that allows customers, including individuals, construction companies, industrials and governments, to use this software to find the best geographical location and the best equipment for the production of renewable energy and the type of renewable energy.

Solar Panel Project

Photovoltaic energy is the main source of clean energy

Wind energy

Wind energy is becoming more widespread around the world.

Geothermal energy

The geothermal energy is a clean and sustainable solution from the heart of the earth.

Hydrogen energy

The main source of hydrogen means water is the most abundant substance in the earth’s crust.