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REIS Future Canada’s vision is to increase the awareness of renewable energy sources and help individual, corporate and governmental clients implement the most appropriate renewable energy solution based on their location and available funds.

Our company produces software that allows customers, including ordinary people, construction companies, power plants and even governments, to use this software to find the best geographical location for the production of renewable energy and the type of renewable energy. And according to the availability, budget and available area to calculate the amount of energy production and finally announce the required equipment. Finally, each of these parameters can be removed and based on other parameters, the deleted parameter is calculated. For example: if the budget is not clear and the software calculates the budget based on the available area and geographical area 

In fact, this software provides all calculations, equipment, costs, profits, losses, etc. to customers in a completely intelligent way. 


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Due to the negative environmental effects of using fossil fuels and also reducing the reserves of this type of fuel, the use of renewable energy is essential. For this reason, one of the most important challenges for countries is to replace renewable energy with fossil fuels. Renewable energy sources have a wide variety, including solar, wind, geothermal, biogas, biomass, hydroelectric and oceanic. The most important challenge in exploiting renewable energy is choosing the right place, the right energy source based on the geographical location and profitability of the project. In choosing the right place and the right type of renewable energy in that place, there are so many factors that make it difficult to evaluate that a careful study seems necessary. Effective parameters in selecting the appropriate location include geographical, climatic, vegetation, geological, economic, social and urban landscape parameters that must be carefully evaluated and considered in pre-construction feasibility studies to maximize the profitability of the project.

Case implementation cases
  • Home
  • Organizational
  • Industrial
  • Private companies
  • Construction companies
Uses of generated electrical energy
  • General home or organizational use
  • Convert to cryptocurrency to three scales: home, enterprise or specialized
  • Charge UPS backup batteries
  • Use in green industrial centers and feeding their machines
  • Establishment of green industrial towns
  • Endless use of energy 
  • Endless source of energy 
  • Less pollution than other source of energy 
  • Easy installation
  • Cheap equipment

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REIS Canada helps HomeOrganizationIndustries and construction companies to find the best source of renewable energy and install the required equipment. 

We offer you the best solution for using clean energy

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With renewable energy we can save the planet together and make better future for next generation.



Clean energy refers to energy whose production does not lead to pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Due to the depletion of oil and gas and fossil fuels, the tendency of countries towards clean energy is expanding day by day. One of the benefits of using clean energy is protecting the environment.


The equipment for using solar energy or renewable energy is low cost and easy to install. With this equipment you can use clean energy for your daily usage. When you use clean energy for your daily use, your bills are lower than usual and you can save the planet and make better future for next generation.


Clean energy comes from natural source like sun, wind, water pressure and etc. because we use natural sources they wont end like fossil energy and with the right plan and equipment is easy to change them to other energy and the process has almost zero pollution for environment.


The positive point of using clean energy as your source of energy is to have lower bill and help the planet. The equipment for using clean energy is low cost and also easy to install. Installing the right equipment for your need is easy and does not take long.

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Remember solar energy has been used by our ancestors in many ways. The glass lenses were used for creating fire by magnifying the sun rays. Even prior to that, the flint stones were used to create fire. Now the solar energy can be harnessed for creating electricity which could be stored and distributed in a pollution free atmosphere. Large investment is one of the primary reasons why solar energy is still not used by many people across the world.

With our newest technology we can analyze your area and find what is the best source of clean energy for your need. With knowing the right source of energy which suit for your area of use you can get the best result and power. When we find the best source of energy we can guide you for the right equipment and install it for you.

There are massive flows of capital directed toward development of renewable generation assets and the energy sector is transforming very rapidly. One of the main challenges that individuals, communities, corporations and developers face is selection of the best combination of technology types and sizes of the renewable assets to maximize the economic value and increase energy security.

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Our Team

Omid Ahmadzadeh

Chief Technology Officer

Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Electrical engineering

More than 5 years’ experience in renewable energy and software development

Fazilat Ahmadzadeh

Chief Executive Officer

Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics applied in Computer and Master’s degree in Industrial engineering
More than 20 years’ experience in software development management

Amir Mobaleghtohid

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Bachelor’s degree in Computer engineering
More than 20 years’ experience in production management